New Instant Games

Double Take

Top prize $48,000!
Win up to 15 times!
Over $2 MILLION in Doubled and Quadrupled prizes!

Seasonal Series

Limited Edition Seasonal Series!
Top prize $100!
Win up to 5 times!

Red Light Green Light Crossword

Top prize $100,000!
Includes a Super-Grid, Mini-Grid, and a BONUS WORD Puzzle!
It's a Doubler!

Cool Cash

Top prize $8,000!
Win up to 10 times!

Candy Cane Crossword

Top prize $30,000!

Snow Me the Money

Top prize $500!
Win up to 20 times!
Loaded with $500 prizes!

31 Holly Days

Limited Edition!
Win up to $100,000!
Win up to 7 times!

Holiday Gold

Win up to $50,000!
Get a "GIFT" symbol, win $100 automatically!
Win up to 25 times!