Megabucks Lightning Ball limited time Feb 1-29, 2016. 1 in 3 chance that the Lightning Ball strikes a set of two plays!

During the month of February some Megabucks plays will be struck by Lightning! In addition to the usual six numbers, an extra number per play will be printed on one in every three sets of two plays statewide. That number is called the Lightning Ball (LB), and when it strikes, players can use it to match the winning numbers. You can win by matching at least three of your numbers in one play to the numbers drawn, or by matching just two of your numbers and the Lightning Ball to the numbers drawn.

The Lightning Ball counts for any drawings in which that same play is entered. Megabucks is two plays for $1.

The Lightning Ball cannot be used to win the jackpot. Players who match five of their six numbers and the Lightning Ball win $10,000.

Sample Win

 Sample Megabucks lightning ball ticket

In the sample ticket shown, there are two plays with six regular numbers plus each line has a Lightning Ball (LB).

If the winning numbers in the drawing are 03, 05, 25, 44, 45 and 49, the player will win $30.

In line A, the ticket matches three of the numbers (05, 44 and 49) plus the Lightning Ball (03)!

More Information

Odds for plays WITH a Lightning Ball:

Match Win/Share Odds
6 of 6 JACKPOT 1:6,991,908
5 of 6+LB $10,000 1:1,165,318
5 of 6 $500 1:7,928
4 of 6+LB
4 of 6 $30 1:233
3 of 6+LB
3 of 6 $2 1:18
2 of 6+LB

Odds for plays WITHOUT a Lightning Ball:

Match Win/Share Odds
6 of 6 JACKPOT 1:6,991,908
5 of 6 $500 1:27,101
4 of 6 $30 1:517
3 of 6 $2 1:29
Odds of a set of two plays each getting a Lightning Ball, 1:3. Odds based on two plays for $1. Prize structure is set. Prizes are approximately 59.1% of sales.