EZ Match

It's Quick and Easy!
A Chance to Win Now and Later!

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With EZ Match, Megabucks numbers will have two ways to win--NOW and LATER.

When EZ Match is selected, five EZ Match numbers and instant prize amounts will print below the Megabucks numbers on the ticket.

NOTE: Each set of 2 Megabucks plays with EZ Match will print on a separate ticket. Each EZ Match prize can only be won once.


Match any EZ Match number with any Megabucks number on the ticket (not the numbers in the drawing), and win the corresponding prize amount shown instantly.


If three or more of the Megabucks numbers match the Megabucks numbers drawn for the draw dates printed on the ticket, the ticket wins. More Info ...

Sample Megabucks ticket with EZ Match. Shows EZ Match numbers at the bottom while normal Megabucks draw numbers are at the top.

EZ Match Odds

Win Odds
$250 1:2,000
$50 1:686
$25 1:400
$10 1:200
$5 1:120
$2 1:30
$1 1:5

Odds based on 1 play for $1.
EZ Match prizes = approximately 63.1% of sales