Lucky Raffle

How to Play Lucky Raffle

Limited time.
Limited number of tickets.

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One top prize of $50,000! Sales start 2/1/2017.
Lucky Raffle is available at all Wisconsin Lottery retailers.


  • Each play is $5 and prints on a separate ticket.
  • A 5-digit number is printed on each ticket.
  • Tickets are sold in numerical order starting with 00001.
  • When you receive your raffle ticket, sign the back.
  • Once all 50,000 tickets are sold, no more tickets will be available for purchase.
  • Number of prizes, prize amounts and draw date will not change regardless of the number of tickets sold.
  • Last day to purchase tickets is 3/1/2017.
  • The drawing will be held on 3/2/2017.
  • Tickets can be redeemed beginning 3/3/2017.

How to Win Lucky Raffle

  • If the 5-digit number exactly matches one of the winning numbers drawn, in exact order, the ticket wins the corresponding prize.
  • Winning numbers will be found on the Lottery’s website,, and at Lottery retailers.



526 Total Winners!

Prizes = 50.0% of sales.
Odds based on 50,000 tickets sold.

Ticket sample

Lucky Raffle

Winning numbers will be posted as soon as possible
after the drawing on March 02, 2017

Tickets can be redeemed beginning March 03, 2017