State Fair 50/50 Raffle

How to Play State Fair 50/50 Raffle

Limited time.
Limited number of tickets.

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One top prize of ! Sales start 8/3/2017.
State Fair 50/50 Raffle is available at all Wisconsin Lottery retailers.


  • Each play is $1 and prints on a separate ticket.
  • A 5-digit number is printed on each ticket.
  • Tickets are sold in numerical order starting with 00001.
  • When you receive your raffle ticket, sign the back.
  • Once all 25,000 tickets are sold, no more tickets will be available for purchase.
  • Number of prizes, prize amounts and draw date will not change regardless of the number of tickets sold.
  • Last day to purchase tickets is 8/13/2017.
  • The drawing will be held on 8/17/2017.
  • Tickets can be redeemed beginning 8/18/2017.

How to Win State Fair 50/50 Raffle

  • If the 5-digit number exactly matches one of the winning numbers drawn, in exact order, the ticket wins the corresponding prize.
  • Winning numbers will be found on the Lottery’s website,, and at Lottery retailers.



1 Total Winners!

Prizes = 50.0% of sales.
Odds based on 25,000 tickets sold.

Ticket sample

State Fair 50/50 Raffle

If you hold a State Fair 50/50 Raffle ticket with
one of these numbers, you win!

Note: Tickets cannot be redeemed until August 18, 2017.

**** Grand Prize ****

Grand Prize


(Redeem at Wisconsin Lottery retailers beginning August 18, 2017.)