SuperCash! Game Information

  • Choose 6 different numbers from 1 through 39. Minimum play is two panels for $1.
  • Players can place their wagers by using the SUPERCASH! playslip which is available where lotto games are sold. Players can also mark the QUICK PICK "QP" box to choose numbers the easy way - let the computer pick them randomly.
  • Choose how many draws to play. Each set of 2 plays costs $1 for each drawing entered. You can play SuperCash! up to 7 days in advance at one time.
  • Receive valid ticket and sign the back.

DOUBLER FEATURE: Now you can double your prize with SuperCash!. Every night when the winning numbers are drawn, the Lottery will conduct a DOUBLER drawing. If the Lottery draws a DOUBLER , all prizes, excluding the top prize, will double . Best of all, this DOUBLER is a bonus to you. It does not cost extra.

Drawings are held as soon as possible after the end of sales.


$350,000 Top Prize ...... every day!

Match Win/Share Odds
6 OF 6 $350,000* 1:1,631,312
5 OF 6 $500 1:8,239
4 OF 6 $30 1:206
3 OF 6 $1 1:15
DOUBLER ** 1:7

Odds based on two plays for $1.
* If there are more than 20 winning plays for top prize, $7,000,000 is shared equally among winning plays.
**DOUBLER does not apply to the top prize.