Photo of the winner Having spent years in the insurance business, Paul Wegener is used to dealing with big dollars, which proved useful when he found himself the lone winner of the $1.4 million Megabucks jackpot in June 2013. Mr. Wegener chose to take the $953,000 cash option, and was the 74th Megabucks jackpot winner since the game started in 1992.
Photo of the winner For Michelle Grant, it is all about the family. When she went to visit her grandmother in Kewaunee, her father reminded her about the $4.0 Megabucks jackpot before they left. As it turns out, that lucky stop at Lakeshore Lighthouse made her Wisconsin 73rd Megabucks jackpot winner. Michelle chose the $2.9 million cash option, which she plans to use to make sure that she, her husband, and their children are taken care of.
Photo of the winner Betty Christopherson hit the jackpot in October 2012 when she ended up with a winning $6.3 million Megabucks ticket. The retired Oconomowoc resident bought the ticket at her local Kwik Trip, making her the game's 72nd Megabucks winner. Christopherson opted to take the cash option, which will leave her with $3.15 million after taxes, and Kwik Trip earned a $100,000 commission for selling the winning ticket.
Photo of the winner Napolean Elvord proved himself a very lucky man when he was found to be the winner of a $14.3 million Megabucks jackpot, sold at Kelley Williamson Mobil on E. Washington Avenue in Madison for January 14, 2012. First, he accidentally purchased the wrong ticket at the store. Then, he thought the winning ticket was for a different drawing. After talking with the store manager, he realized, in fact, that he was Wisconsin 71st Megabucks winner. Mr. Elvord, who suffers from kidney failure, took the $6.87 million lump sum payment, which he plans to use for weekly dialysis treatments and an eventual transplant.
Photo of the winner Lisa Gruber of Spring Green became the Wisconsin Lottery's newest Megabucks millionaire in October 2010, when she was the sole winner on a $3.1 Million ticket. Gruber purchased her ticket at Riteway Plaza on State Road 14 in Spring Green, becoming the 70th Megabucks jackpot winner in Wisconsin.
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