Badger 5 Game Information

How to Play

  1. Each panel costs $1 per drawing.
  2. To Play, select 5 different numbers from 1 to 31. Or mark the QUICK PICK box to choose numbers the easy way - let the computer pick them randomly.
  3. Mark the NUMBER OF DRAWS you wish to play, from 2 to 7 consecutive draws, in the corresponding box on the left side of the playslip. Each additional draw costs $1 per panel. You can play Badger 5 up to 7 days in advance at one time.
  4. Check playslip carefully. If a mistake is made, mark the VOID box. TICKETS CANNOT BE CANCELLED. Mark new selection using next column of panels.
  5. On the ticket, each panel's five numbers are printed horizontally on one line, identified by the corresponding panel letter A-E.


Drawings are held as soon as possible after the end of sales.


Match Win/Share Odds
5 OF 5 JACKPOT* 1:169,911
4 OF 5 $50 1:1,308
3 OF 5 $2 1:53
2 OF 5 $1 1:7

*Jackpot starts at $10,000 and increases by at least $1,000 until won. The prize money allocated to the JACKPOT shall be equally divided by the number of plays correctly matching all 5 numbers. The JACKPOT prize is paid in cash all at once. Odds are based upon 1 play for $1.