What is Just the Jackpot?

Just the Jackpot is a way to play for the Mega Millions Jackpot and will appeal to those Mega Millions players whose main focus is winning the jackpot prize only . When playing Just the Jackpot, players are not eligible to win any other prizes in the Mega Millions drawing. A Just the Jackpot play can only win by matching all five numbers plus the Mega Ball number. However, players receive a better value with Just the Jackpot, receiving two plays for $3. Just the Jackpot plays are quick pick only (no playslips). Mega Millions drawings are held weekly on Tuesday and Friday.

Where can I buy Wisconsin Lottery tickets?

The Retailer Lookup page lists active retailers by city and by zip code.

Can I buy Wisconsin Lottery tickets using a credit card?

No. You cannot use your credit card to purchase lottery tickets. By law, lottery tickets may only be purchased with cash.

At what age can I buy Wisconsin Lottery tickets?

You may purchase tickets if you are 18 years or older. Minors may receive tickets as gifts.

Can I buy tickets through a subscription, by mail, or through the internet?

No. You may only purchase Wisconsin Lottery tickets at a Wisconsin Lottery retailer.

What happens to tickets that are lost, stolen or printed in error?

By law, Wisconsin Lottery tickets are bearer instruments; whoever signs the back of the ticket is considered the rightful owner. We recommend signing your tickets as soon as you purchase them. A Wisconsin Lottery ticket cannot be voided; once printed there is no way to cancel it. Please be sure to check your ticket carefully after purchasing to make sure it is what you requested.

Are most lotto tickets quick picks or personally selected?

70-80% of all Powerball, Mega Millions, Megabucks, Badger 5 and SuperCash! tickets sold, are quick picks.
70-80 % of all winning Powerball, Mega Millions, Megabucks, Badger 5 and SuperCash! tickets are quick picks.
70-80% of all Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets sold are personally selected.
70-80 % of all winning Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets are personally selected.

What is 10 Buck Luck?

A fast and easy way to play all of Wisconsin’s Lotto games for one price!
For $10, a player will receive a quick pick ticket for eight Lotto games for their next drawings. Tickets (wagers) include: $2 Powerball, $2 Mega Millions, $2 All or Nothing, $1 Megabucks, $1 SuperCash!, $1, Badger 5, $.50 Pick 4 (Box play), and $.50 Pick 3 (Box play)


How are winning tickets distributed?

Wisconsin Lottery winning tickets are distributed randomly. We have no control over who wins or where the winner is from. Areas in Wisconsin with higher populations tend to have more retailers. These areas may also have more sales and more winners. Since winners are chosen randomly, a city or area may have many winners in a short time frame. Other times, a city or area may go a long period of time without big winners.

What should I do if I have a winning ticket?

Where are the Lottery offices located?

How long do I have to claim a winning ticket?

You have 180 days from the draw date to claim lotto prizes.
Prizes from 11/24/2018 can still be claimed as of today (5/23/2019). You must claim winning instant scratch tickets within 180 days from game end date.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Yes. All lottery winnings are taxable. We automatically deduct 24% in federal tax for winnings over $5,000 and 7.65% in state income tax for winnings over $1,999.

Can a winner remain anonymous?

No. Wisconsin has an “open records law.” Most information that state government produces or controls is available to any organization or person requesting it. Only information “in the public’s interest” may be released by a government agency. The lottery, upon request, must release the name and city of the winner. Any other information about the winner will be released only with the winner’s consent. Likewise, it is the winner's choice if they would like to speak to the media. It is not required, nor can it be prevented.

What happens to unclaimed prizes?

The value of unclaimed prizes is credited to the Wisconsin Lottery property tax relief fund.

What happens to the remaining annuity payments if a winner dies before the payments are completed?

The remaining payments are paid to the winner's estate. (Wis. Stats. 565.30 (1).)


How are winning Wisconsin Lottery numbers reported?

  • Wisconsin Lottery website: //
  • Published in many local papers
  • Lottery Player Hotline: (608) 266-7777
  • To receive past numbers, send a request and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
    Wisconsin Lottery
    Attention: Player Relations
    PO Box 8941
    Madison, WI 53708-8941

What is the difference between Cash Option and Annuity?

Cash option:
For every dollar spent on a jackpot lotto game, a certain percentage is placed immediately into a cash pool. When you win the jackpot and choose the cash option, you will get the entire amount in the cash pool, minus taxes. After your ticket is verified, you will receive your cash option payment in one lump sum.
When you win the jackpot and choose the annuity option, the cash pool is used to buy government bonds that pay out over a 25-year period for Megabucks or over a 30-year period for Powerball and Mega Millions. You will receive a payment every year until the full annuity amount is paid out. Taxes are withheld from each payment. It is similar to how a savings bond works. A $100 savings bond costs the purchaser only $50 today. If the holder of the bond waits until maturity, the bond is then worth the entire $100.
Note: After presenting the winning ticket you have 60 days to decide on cash option or annuity. After 60 days have passed, if you have not made a decision, the payment automatically becomes an annuity.

What is the Major Jackpot Level?

The Major Jackpot Level is the level above which Powerball drawings will no longer include a Power Play of 10X. The current Major Jackpot Level is $150,000,000.

When the jackpots for Powerball and Mega Millions are so high, why doesn’t the lottery split them among several people?

The Wisconsin Lottery offers many games that appeal to different players. Powerball and Mega Millions are designed for those who want to win millions. If you are interested in lower top prizes with better odds, we offer Megabucks, SuperCash! and Badger 5.

What is Super 2nd Chance?

You may enter $5 worth of non-winning tickets for a chance to win $1,000 in a weekly drawing. For more information see the Super 2nd Chance page.

If the overall odds on a ticket are 1:10, why didn't I win when I bought ten tickets?

The odds are calculated by taking the total number of tickets printed divided by the total number of prizes available. The prizes' location in the game are determined by random, computer generated formulas. A string of ten tickets may not produce a winner, but another string of ten tickets may produce several winners.

How does the Megabucks jackpot work?

For every Megabucks ticket sold, a percentage of that $1 is placed into a jackpot prize pool. The more tickets sold, the higher the cash option. With Megabucks, the lottery automatically funds a starting cash option of $400,000 and an annuity of $1 million. These jackpots will not increase until sales have pushed past the base amounts. This usually takes about eight weeks.

In some cases, the Megabucks annuity jackpot may stay the same or decrease. The annuity jackpot, funded by the cash pool available to purchase government bonds, can vary if there are changes in the overall financial markets or the U.S. government's bond rating. These changes can make it much more expensive to buy these long-term securities. So, even as the cash jackpot continues to grow, the estimated annuity jackpot may remain the same or decrease from one drawing to the next.

Where can I find the Game Number on an instant scratch ticket?

On the back of any instant scratch ticket, the game number is the first three numbers in the string of numbers located immediately above the long barcode (usually found at the bottom of the ticket back).  For example, below you will see the numbers 818 referring to game #818 on the back of a Crossword ticket.
Crossword ticket back

Where does the money go?

Are the drawings broadcast live?

No. However, Powerball and Mega Millions are broadcast over satellite, so many Wisconsin stations can broadcast the drawings. Wisconsin stations are not contractually obligated to show them, therefore, which stations air them and when and how they choose to do so is at the station's discretion.

All other Wisconsin Lottery games are drawn using a Random Number Generator (RNG). A RNG is a machine with the sole purpose of picking random numbers. It is not connected to any outside line or to the Lottery gaming system. These drawing are not televised. However, videotapes of the drawings are available for public review for 180 days following the drawing. Results from these drawings are also available on our website, through many local newspapers, at retailers, and by calling our 24-hour player hotline at (608) 266-7777.

Where can I find financial information (tickets sales, payouts) for the Wisconsin Lottery?

If you know someone who might have a gambling problem, urge him or her to call 1-800-GAMBLE-5 (1-800-426-2535)