Cash Bonus Double Play

Cash Bonus Double Play (672)


Top Prize: $25,000!
Twice the Ticket - Two of your favorite games on ONE ticket!
Win Up to 18 Times!

How to Play

GAME 1: Scratch GAME 1 play area. Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to one of the WINNING NUMBERS, win corresponding prize. Get a "DBL" symbol, win double the corresponding prize automatically.

GAME 2: Scratch GAME 2 play area. Match two like symbols, win prize shown. Get a "$$" symbol, win double the prize shown automatically.

GAME 3: Scratch GAME 3 play area. Match 3 like amounts, win that amount. Match 2 like amounts plus get a "pot of gold" symbol, win double that amount.

PULLTAB Back: Get 3 identical symbols within any one window, win the amount in the PRIZE LEGEND.
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