February 29, 2012
(Instant Scratch Game # 767)
  1. The theme and name of the game: Deal 'Em. Match 3 symbols across under one tab and win a prize shown in the legend on the ticket front.
  2. The price of tickets: Fifty cents ($0.50), or as otherwise set by the Administrator.
  3. The prize structure including the number and value of prizes and the odds on each prize per 1,050 tickets are as follows:
    $0.50 200 1:6
    $1 20 1:53
    $5 2 1:525
    $20 1 1:1,050
    $50 1 1:1,050
    $60 1 1:1,050
    $75 1 1:1,050

    Tickets are sold in boxes. Each box contains 1,050 tickets.

  4. The frequency of drawings: Break-open tickets do not feature drawings. These tickets are not eligible for entry in Lottery Super 2nd Chance drawings.
  5. The method of selecting winners: The holder of a ticket showing three “Cards” symbols or three “Ace” symbols or three “King“ symbols or three “Queen” symbols or three “Spade” symbols or three “Diamond” symbols or three “Heart” symbols under one tab shall be entitled to the prize amount shown on the legend on the front of the ticket. Prizes are $75, $60, $50, $20, $5, $1 and $0.50 respectively.
  6. The method of making payments to winners:
    1. Submission of the original winning ticket (not a facsimile) to the retailer who sold the ticket on the day of purchase at the place of purchase, shall be the sole method of claiming a prize.
    2. Tickets are void if stolen, unissued, mutilated, altered, unreadable, counterfeit, misregistered, defective, multiply printed or otherwise fail validation tests.
    3. Tickets are void if misprinted. “Misprinted” means any mistake or difference from the original ticket or game specifications of any kind in the printing, manufacturing, packaging or other processing related to the production or distribution of the ticket caused by the raw materials, processes or handling of the ticket until its ultimate sale to the consumer/player. The Lottery, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to pay the retailer for any such “misprinted” ticket based upon the facts and circumstances. Such action by the Lottery is nonreviewable.



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