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Deal or No Deal™

Deal or No Deal™ (744)


Top Instant Prize: $50,000!
Drawings for a chance to play the real Deal or No Deal
game in Hollywood and win up to $1 Million!
Over $3.7 Million in Instant Cash Prizes!
$1 Million Drawing Prize!

How to Play

Scratch each of the eighteen BRIEFCASES below. Then scratch the corresponding dollar amount or "NO DEAL" symbol on the PRIZE BOARD that matches each play symbol in the uncovered BRIEFCASES play area. (Scratch only one "NO DEAL" on the PRIZE BOARD for each "NO DEAL" symbol in the BRIEFCASE play area.) If the one remaining unmatched symbol on the PRIZE BOARD is a dollar amount, win that amount. Tickets showing a "NO DEAL" as the remaining unmatched symbol on the PRIZE BOARD are eligible to enter the Deal or No Deal Drawings.
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Updated on: 05/23/2019

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