Double Dollar Crossword

Top Prize $100,000!
Unscratched Scratched

How to Play

  1. Scratch YOUR LETTERS box to reveal your 16 letters.
  2. Scratch each BONUS box to reveal two additional letters in each box.  If you revealed two identical letters in the same BONUS box, win prize shown in the PRIZE spot for that same BONUS box.  Use the letter(s) revealed as bonus letter(s) in the PUZZLE.
  3. Scratch only the letters in the crossword PUZZLE that match those in the YOUR LETTERS box and the letters in each BONUS box. 
  4. Scratch each of the 8 "STACK OF BILLS" symbols in the PUZZLE.  Each "STACK OF BILLS" symbol is a free match and counts as a matched letter in that WORD. 
  5. Reveal 3 or more complete WORDS in the PUZZLE, win prize indicated in the PRIZE LEGEND. 
  6. If you win in the PUZZLE and any one of the completely uncovered WORDS has a "STACK OF BILLS" symbol in the WORD, win DOUBLE the prize shown in the PRIZE LEGEND for that same winning play.
  7. Only the highest prize won in the PUZZLE will be paid. A DOUBLER won in the PUZZLE does not multiply any prizes won in the BONUS boxes.

Please visit features and procedures for more details regarding this game. 

Please click Amendment to Features and Procedures for more details regarding this game. 

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