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The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right (475)


Top Prize: $30,000
Win up to 4 times!
Two Tickets - Two different games!

How to Play


PLINKO™ - Scratch the square directly below "START" to reveal an arrow. Scratch only the next square in the direction indicated by the arrow to reveal a second arrow. Keep scratching in the direction of the arrows to reveal the entire path through the PLINKO board. If the path revealed ends at a prize amount, you win that prize.
SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN - If YOUR BID is less than the ACTUAL VALUE of the same SHOWCASE, win the amount in the PRIZE BOX. If YOUR BID is within $250 of the ACTUAL VALUE of the same SHOWCASE, without going over, win the amount in both SHOWCASE PRIZE BOXES.


CLIFF HANGERS™ - Scratch the LUCKY STEPS and match to numbers in the MOUNTAIN. Match a complete vertical line in the MOUNTAIN, win prize pointing to that vertical line.
SPIN THE WHEEL - Scratch entire play area. If YOUR SPIN is closer to $1.00 than THEIR SPIN, win corresponding PRIZE. Get exactly $1.00 in either of YOUR SPINS, win both PRIZES automatically.
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Updated on: 05/23/2019

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