Slots of Slingo®


Top Prize: $30,000
Chance to win up to 10 times your prize!

How to Play

Scratch each horizontal SPIN line to reveal YOUR SLINGO NUMBERS. Scratch the corresponding numbers in the SLINGO GRID. Match all 5 numbers in a complete horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line in the SLINGO GRID, win corresponding prize amount shown in the SLINGO LEGEND. Match all 21 numbers in the SLINGO GRID (“Blackout”) with the corresponding numbers in the YOUR SLINGO NUMBERS play area, win $30,000. Each of the four FREE SPACEs (Joker symbols) in the SLINGO GRID is a free match and counts towards a winning pattern. If you win in the SLINGO GRID play area, scratch BONUS SLOTS area to reveal a slot symbol. Multiply your total prize won by the number shown in the BONUS LEGEND next to the corresponding slot symbol. Win $3 for each “GOLD COIN” revealed in the SPINs.
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