Holiday Scratch Games

Scratch more names off your gift list with Holiday Scratch Games.

snow falling on snow filled street lined with birch trees with silver shimmering snowflake and dollar sign icons with red script letters on Wisconsin Lottery ticketorange fox wearing purple scarf walking through snow covered forest with pastel green pine trees with dollar sign and snowflake icons on Wisconsin Lottery gameelf hanging onto red and white parachute wearing green shirt and red and white stripped socks surrounded by falling money on dark blue gradient ticket from Wisconsin Lottery


red holiday ornament with ornate script writing surrounded by white and gold stars and evergreen branches on shimmering silver paper on Wisconsin Lottery gamescattered ight red candy canes on red background with green crossword and wrapped presents while elf holding up prize key scroll on Wisconsin Lottery ticketwhite snow and swirly curls on light blue background filled with colorful gnomes in tall hats in an assortment of colors on Wisconsin Lottery game


Happy Holidays WINsconsin

With so many options to choose from, Holiday Scratch Games from the Wisconsin Lottery make it easy to find gifts that match every personality on your holiday list.

With tickets ranging from $1 to $20, you can fill any stocking with fun and excitement. Find them now at gas stations, grocery stores, and other lottery retailers near you.


Gifting Doesn't Get Any Easier

Dashing through the snow, I don’t have a clue. Of what to get my boss or even Grandma Sue. It would sure be great and super helpful, too. If there was one sweet gift great for me and you!

Gifting doesn’t get any easier than Holiday Scratch Games from the Wisconsin Lottery. There’s a variety of fun-filled games, ranging from $1 to $20, available at all Wisconsin Lottery retailers, including grocery stores, gas stations and more.

Whoo! Scratch more names off your list with scratch games this year!
Thanks to the Wisconsin Lottery, I’m now in the clee-ear!