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Watertown-area SuperCash! Winner Claims $2.8 Million

MADISON, Wis. – Carl Loppnow of Lebanon cashed in big with a total of eight SuperCash! top prize wins all from the June 20 drawing. The top prize for one play of SuperCash! is $350,000. Since Loppnow purchased eight plays, his payout totaled $2.8 million.

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$50,000 Green Bay Powerball Winner Claims Prize

James Rogers offers this advice to other lottery players: "Don’t throw your tickets away." The $50,000 Green Bay Powerball winner didn't realize he held the winning ticket until a week and a half after the drawing. 

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$50,000 Winning Powerball Ticket Sold in Green Bay

Last night's Powerball drawing resulted in a Wisconsin $50,000 winning ticket. This is the third $50,000 winning Powerball ticket sold in the Green Bay area in the last 40 days.

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Three Unclaimed $100K All or Nothing Top Prizes

There are three unclaimed All or Nothing top prizes of $100,000 in Wisconsin. To win All or Nothing's top prize, players can either match all of the 11 numbers or none of the 11 numbers on their ticket. All three of the outstanding winners matched none of the 11 numbers on All or Nothing tickets.

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